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What do we do?

We are specialists in and devoted solely to the field of supplemental, voluntary, payroll deduction benefit plans. We offer complete services including consultation with employers and/or their agents; custom employee communications both written and verbal; on site enrolling services; staff training; and on going service of the products we provide. We also prepare, distribute, and explain individual employee benefit statements as an option to any of our plan installations.

Our emphasis is on education and information with the philosophy that well informed employees make good choices for themselves.

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Why offer voluntary benefits?

Some employers can afford to spend more on fringe benefits than others, but there is a limit for everyone. Fortunately, employee groups have buying power simply through shear numbers. An employer can extend its benefit package by using that buying power. Through voluntary benefits employees can be given the advantages of mass purchasing power while retaining all the privelages of individual ownership. It doesn't cost the employer anything. Only those employees who will benefit and who want to take advantage of the discounted group rates will participate. It is a win-win situation. The real question becomes, "Why not offer voluntary benefit plans?"

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Who do we serve?

Companies with a sufficient number of employees to make the plans viable. That number depends on the type of plan being offered and the location(s) of the facilities. Sometimes, groups of as little as 25 are viable. Other times, the minimum size might be 250. We can discuss this with you.

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Where do we provide services?

We provide our services throughout the US. Naturally, distance plays a part in making our services economically feasible. However, many factors come into play which can mitigate the effect of distance. We encourage you to call and discuss the possibilities.

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What types of plans do we offer?

What do our services cost?

There is no fee for our services. Just like your insurance agent, our compensation comes in the form of commissions from the products your employees chose to purchase. But please don't let that scare you! We don't break any legs or twist arms or tell horror stories. We don't even "sell" the products. We simply explain them, and then let employees enroll if they wish. If there is any question about this (we know there might be), please do yourself and us a favor and ask some of the companies whom we have been privileged to serve during the past dozen years. Let them tell you. Just ask us for references.

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    How do you reach us?

    Our mailing address:
    Bethwood Associates
    57 Jerimoth Dr
    Branford, Connecticut 06405-2226
    Our toll free telephone number: 1-800-279-4296
    Our fax number: 1-203-483-1117
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