Voluntary Dental Plans


    If your employees want dental coverage but your budget is already overburdened, here is a way to offer them a real benefit even though they must pay for it. Since it is voluntary, only those employees who will save money will participate. They will appreciate the opportunity you have made available to them.

    There are a variety of flexible plans available from very basic to very comprehensive ones. Usually, only one plan is offered to a group, but in some cases employees may be offered a choice of two plans. These are indemnity plans, so the services of any dentist will be reimbursed. The provider need not be a member of a particular group nor on an approved list.

    Obviously, to remain viable, voluntary plans must guard against the abuse by short term participants who sign up for a few months, get all their expensive dental work done, and then drop the coverage. Therefore, plans contain waiting periods and co-insurance for major procedures. Also, once an employee refuses coverage or withdraws from the plan, he/she is not allowed to join or rejoin at a later date.

    A typical basic plan provides 100% coverage for Type I services and 80% for Type II services after a deductible of $50 and up to a yearly maximum of $1,000. No Type III services are provided.

    More comprehensive plans add in Type III benefits with a 50% co-insurance after varying waiting periods, vary the percent of co-insurance on the Type I and II services, and increase the yearly maximums.

    The plans are very flexible and can be designed to accomodate a wide variety of coverages. We can supply suggested popular configurations for your consideration. Rates are quoted for each plan design based on census data provided for a group.

    Employees, spouses, and dependent children can be covered.

    This is a painless way to provide needed and appreciated benefits to your employees. Why not get some information and ask employees if they would be interested?


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